4 Amazing Free & Paid Diagram Software in 2022 

Visually appealing and well-structured Diagram Software are an excellent method of conveying complicated ideas and concepts. People use 2D and 3D digital diagrams instead of paper sketches to convey our process easily and make them understand. The most significant benefit is the reduction in the amount of time required to alter and replicate diagrams. It makes it simple to keep and share diagrams with anybody in the world.

In this post, we will take a look at some of the most popular free and paid tools for creating various kinds of diagrams, both individually and collaboratively. Here we give detailed info about the software and choose which one perfectly suits you. 

Diagram Software:

It is programming software because that users use to create complex visual representations of data in detail. It provides libraries of elements and tools for creating diagrams for many industries and purposes effortlessly.

An example of a diagram created with a diagramming tool is a scientific illustration, mind map, floor layouts, database diagrams, project management diagrams, and more.

Collaboration tools are available in certain diagram software systems. It allows a variety of team members to update and provide input on the same diagram at the same time.

We’ll take a look at some of the most popular diagramming tools.

Diagram Software : Smart Draw

This software allows users to create more than 70 different types of diagram software such as flowcharts, organization charts, including floor plans, circuit diagrams, network diagrams, and more. 

It is an automated software because, that is used to add, adjust, move and delete the shapes of the diagram. For smart diagrams, you can add or update the data of diagram shapes, create data rules, and export shape data. The ability to add hyperlinks, notes, and comments about shapes is also more readily available as a result of this change.


  • 34500+ symbols and 4500+ design templates
  • Emails and folders can be used to share files.
  • Automatic operations – sizing, spacing, and alignment 
  • AWS, MS Office, Jira, Google applications, and several others are all included.
  • Data transfer in and out of Visio

Pricing Details Of Diagram Software

You may obtain pricing information upon request at techjockey.com


Web browser, Windows (64-bit)

Diagram Software 2: Visio

Visio is a drawing software that allows you to build industry-standard diagrams using shapes and templates. You can 

Exchange, Excel, and other data sources may be used to automatically produce charts. It has a lot of customization options like size, backdrop color, transparency, and more. You can save the designed diagrams in both PNG & JPEG formats. 


  • More than 250,000 distinct shapes
  • Auto-alignment and other formatting options
  • Using MS Teams to collaborate on a document
  • Validation of diagrams according to predefined rules
  • Accessibility instruments

Pricing Details:

The online version is available for a free trial of one month. It starts from INR 360 per month, you may get your first user. It’s starting pricing for a one-time license is INR 25,599. 


Windows-based diagramming software, web-browser

Diagram Software 3: Creately 

Creately is free & open-source software. It offers professional templates for AWS diagrams, sitemaps, Gantt charts, flowcharts, and mind maps. There are several shortcuts available for assembling shapes and connections. The diagram softwares can be exported in a variety of file formats. So you can use it on websites or share it on social media.


  • Templates and forms in a variety of sizes and styles
  • Search option based on filters
  • Collaboration in real-time
  • Google Drive integration
  • Importing photos

Pricing Details:

This service has a free plan with a restricted amount of shapes, storage, and collaboration. The paid version comes in three categories – Personal, Team, and Enterprise. Costs start at INR 300.77 per month for an annual subscription and it is based on your personal plan.  


Web browser, Windows, Mac, Linux distribution

Diagram Software 4: Lucidchart 

It is also free and open-source software. It is a cloud-based software that allows you to do mockups, wireframes, mind maps, UML, flowcharts, etc.

Adding shapes is as simple to dragging and dropping them into place, and then using the auto prompt tool to rapidly connect them. Diagrams may be exported to various file formats and published for distribution. It can open files created in Gliffy, Visio, draw.io, and other similar diagram software.


  • There are a variety of UML and Venn diagram shape libraries to choose from
  • Templates and libraries for custom shapes
  • Collaboration in real-time
  • Single sign-on with SAML authentication (SSO)
  • Slack, Jira, G Suite, Salesforce, and more are supported

Pricing Details Of Diagram Software

LucidChart offers 100 professional templates and 3 editable documents in the free plan. You may upgrade to a subscription account if you want limitless editable documents and access to more than a thousand professional templates. A month’s membership starts from INR 597.94.