How To Gain Followers On Instagram Organically 

The Instagram algorithm updates new features all the time, and it decides which post to show on the user’s feed. Instagram updates are constantly changing, and it is essential to implement a new strategy to gain followers on Instagram. If you want to know how to gain more followers on Instagram, keep reading this article to learn how to increase your followers on Instagram organically.

Use Keywords On Your Instagram Name

Instead of giving your name, add your name with a keyword and make sure your keywords are SEO-friendly. Users are most likely searching for the keyword and not your name. So it is important to add keywords with your name relevant to your business or niche. Usually, keywords in your username can increase new followers related to your business.

Write Descriptive Captions On Instagram

When you post content on Instagram, users will see the first two lines of your posts before clicking the rest of your content. So, your content should be eye-catchy as the user wants to engage with your posts.

Writing descriptive captions in the first sentence of the posts lets the users know they have to click the link in your bio. Users who click the link directly take them to your website. You get more leads, gain new followers and increase your engagement rate on your posts. Instagram algorithms take your posts to the explore page if your engagement levels are high. With this, you will receive many new audiences to your IG profile and boost your business reach and sales. 

There are more hashtags on Instagram; Using the right hashtags can boost your followers and improve your profile visibility. Research some hashtags and use the best hashtags to gain more exposure to your posts. Use small or medium size hashtags for your posts to get more likes and comments.

There is a limit to using hashtags, so mix and use the hashtags from popular to less popular, as this boosts your Instagram likes and followers. Prepare a spreadsheet containing all types of hashtags, and you can easily copy-paste the hashtags into your posts and maximise your posts’ exposure.

Stop using the same hashtags for every single post because this will report your post as spam. It will reduce the organic reach of your posts and shadowban from particular hashtags. Shadowban means that no longer your posts are visible for the specific hashtags. Once you are in shadowban, it can take two to three weeks to show your posts in those specific hashtags. Mixing and matching the hashtags can reduce the shadowban and gain more followers.

Engage With Your Community

Engaging with your followers on Instagram can be part of your marketing strategy to increase followers on Instagram. You need to spend your time and effort commenting and liking your posts by other people. 

If you are getting a higher engagement rate on your content and many people are engaging with you, the algorithm would likely show more of your content in the user’s feed. Engaging with your community can increase the brand visibility of your business. You can also comment and like on other posts as this increases your followers, and others can see your account by clicking your comments from other posts. 

Gain Organic Followers Using Emails

You can also gain followers from email listings; when you get users to click on your website, it automatically collects the user’s email address for your mailing list. In email listing, you have control over the email addresses, include professional signatures in your email which can be clickable, and add social media links to the emails can also help you to grow your followers on Instagram.


You need to check your marketing strategies to grow your followers, as the Instagram algorithm updates every time. You know how to boost the followers as well as you know how to get more leads for the products or services you offer. Implement the above strategies and grow your followers organically.